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Photographer: Martin Morávek

Martin Morávek
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
174th 5th 21th
Honor Points : 12 8 Points
Photographer Martin Morávek

My name is Martin Morávek and I come from Jablonec nad Nisou. I got into photography quite by chance sometime in 2019, when I sometimes took a trip with a rented camera and a desire to capture something interesting. I photographed almost everything and gradually found out that each genre has its own specifics and know-how - street photography, architecture, sports, culture, landscape, but after my initial look, I started to enjoy landscape photography the most. I am that nice sunsets or sunrises in nature simply cannot match photography in the city...

Although I do not take photos professionally, but just for fun, from the beginning women forward my desire and need to have a photo as best I can. I am no longer the biggest fan to myself (as it was at the very beginning), but I am no longer the biggest critic of myself. That's why I enjoy learning from more experienced and successful photographers, because they move me further both in theory and in photography itself, in photo processing and they don't even talk about new and interesting places. There is still something to learn...

Without waiting at the beginning, I managed to get an interesting place in several international competitions in a short time. Despite all this, I still take competitions only as a presentation of my photos, which I want to compare with others, not as the main meaning...

Award winning photos