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Photographer: Dionisis Karavidas

Dionisis Karavidas
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
78th 6th 30th
Honor Points : 16 12 Points
Photographer Dionisis Karavidas

Born in Katerini (GREECE) in 1982, he is married with 2 children. He is a professional photographer in Greece since 2010, and an expert in wedding and portrait photography.

He is a multi-award winning wedding photographer and he obtained the titles of (Craftsman of PWS) and (Accociate of WPPI and SWPP). In 2015 conquered the 2nd place of photographer of the year in SWPP and the 3nd place in 2016 in wedding category. In 2018 conquered the 3place in Album Category in WPPI.

Award winning photos