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Terms & Conditions for the WPE competition

Win an Award, Receive a Badge! You Could Become a Senior Master of WPE AWARDS.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully !


The WPE Competition is open to professional photographers from all over the world aged 18 and over.
The judges cannot participate in the contest for a neutral voting
They can only enter the competition when they have no judging duty.
WPE organizes a total of 3 competitions per year.
First Half, Second Half and Annual Final.
You have to send different photos to each contest.
The Annual Final does not accept photographs from previous competitions.
The photos submitted to the competition must be taken within the last two years, otherwise they will be considered invalid.
At the end of these three competitions, an ANNUAL CATALOG of the best photographs and photographers will be made.
The sum of the points you will collect from the three competitions will determine your place in the world ranking in the TOP RANKING HONORS list.
You will receive stars according to the points you receive. When you get 6 stars, you become a WPE SENIOR MASTER.
"TOP RANKED COUNTRY" is the ranking of the countries with the highest scores, and the photographers in that country will be ranked among themselves.


All entries will be considered the legal property of the authorized account holder at the email address submitted when registering.
You should enter your name and surname correctly. It won't be possible to change your name and email address later.
Please don't sign up more than once with different emails. Otherwise your account will be deactivated per WPE rules.
The Entrant must present in their entirety a unique work emanating from an original image capture.
The various treatments, manipulations, impressions, rendered must have been previously carried out by the entrant himself or under his responsibility.
Entering declares, acknowledges and guarantees that he or she has all his or her legal and moral capacities to participate in the competition and that the image capture to be presented must respect copyright and property rights.
The image capture, which will be presented during the competition, must not promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.
All images presented by the photographer are protected by copyright that belongs exclusively to him or her, an images taken in violation of the legislative and legal framework in force will be disqualified and then deleted by WPE after investigation.
By entering the Contest, Photographers accept that all image(s) sent for the competition may be reproduced and used to conduct and promote
If the image capture includes other persons, the candidate must free himself from an authorization to use the image with the persons concerned, and must prove the authorization to use these image captures by means of a handwritten and signed authorization by the persons concerned.
WPE AWARDS assumes no responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete information or technical, hardware or software failure of any kind, for lost network connections, computer transmissions, other problems with regard to the competition. WPE AWARDS declines all responsability
WPE reserves the right to move an entry into another category or have it disqualified to protect the integrity of the competition.
Rules may be changed or modified without notice.


The judging will include a panel of 10 judges. A point system with results from 1 to 100 points will be used.
It will follow this breakdown :

Winners will be announced around 45 days after the deadline on the GALLERIES page of our website.


The program's main objective is to encourage, to educate and to continuously motivate photographers so that they remain committed to their craft.
WPE members are sorted by the excellence points they have received.
Photographers with the same excellence points are sorted alphabetically.
Every contest, points earned by the photographers will be added to their "TOP RANKING HONORS" account.
Point system is limited to 20 points per year.

These prizes will only be given to the top 3 photographers that get the most points in every competition.
They will not be given to the top 3 of each category.
The overall best photographer is going to win the WPE's biggest trophy.
1st, 2nd and 3rd places in every category will be awarded the cristal trophy. That will be given at the end of the year.
Thank you for your patience.


First Half 2020
Opening Date: January 1th, 2020
First Deadline: January 30th, 2020
Final Deadline: February 26th, 2020


From opening date till the first deadline:
From opening date till the first deadline €12 per Image.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 60 with the option of uploading 6 free images.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 120 with the option of uploading 14 free images.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 210 with the option of uploading 28 free images.

From the first deadline till the final deadline:
From the first deadline till the final deadline €15 per Image.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 60 with the option of uploading 5 free images.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 120 with the option of uploading 12 free images.
1 Yearly Subscription fee of € 210 with the option of uploading 24 free images.

You must use your purchased credits within the year you subscribed.
You cannot use the remaining credits when your subscription ends.
There is no repayment for loans that you do not use.
All payments should be made via Visa, Mastercard and PayPal in the Euro € currency.


Login or register as a new account member in order to purchase your entries and renew or add to an existing WPE AWARDS membership.
Once you register, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. If you don't receive it please try to check your spam or junk folders.
Your credits will be displayed in your cart.Once the registration process is completed, just follow the online instructions to upload your photographs from your computer.
There is no minimum or limit to the total number of entries per participant.


Photos that do not comply with the rules of the competition will be deleted. If the photos you submit do not comply with the competition rules, no refund will be made. Please follow the rules.

You may enter any number of entries in any of the following categories :
*WPE reserves the right to move any entry from one category to another or have it disqualified in order to protect the integrity of this competition*


* Bride Alone Wedding Day
* Groom Alone Wedding Day
* Wedding Couple Together Wedding day
* Wedding Details (Real wedding accessories)
* Bridal Party (Family and Friends)
* Wedding Photojournalism (Composite images are not allowed)
* Creative Wedding (Composite images are authorized in this category. Models are permitted in this category)
* Pre Wedding Bride Alone (Models are permitted in this category)
* Pre Wedding Groom Alone (Models are permitted in this category)
* Pre Wedding Couple Together (Models are permitted in this category)
* Fashion/Beauty (Models are permitted in this category)
* Portrait Composite (Models are permitted in this category)
* Individuel (Models are permitted in this category)
* Newborn/Maternity/Families (Celebrating pregnancy and Up to 1 year)
* Fine Art Nude (Non pornographic, Body painting and artistic portraits of nude and semi-nude subjects)
* Street Photography
* Landscape (Flowers, Landscape, Seasons, Sky, Trees, Cityscapes, Bridges, Buildings, Historic, Industrial, etc...)
* Photomanipulation
* Animals/Pets/Insects
* Food
* Aerial/Drone
* Product
* Sports

For further information or should you have any additional questions please email by filling the form here.
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