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Judge: Craig Minielly

Photographer Craig Minielly



I'm loving the life of living with light!
I started as a press photographer, first published at 13 years old, and then hired on staff just before my 16th birthday and being able to drive, so my mum had to drive me to my first assignments.
I was part of the "bleeding edge" of the digital revolution, the first to shoot a wedding digitally and among the earliest to use Photoshop professionally when it was first out, you know... before Layers and an Undo feature.
Creating the Craig's Actions sets was a lot of fun and hugely rewarding, as they become some of the most popular go-to, easy to use, image recipes in helping other photographers tackle the new and challenging world of digital.
I've always been editorial-based in style, with assignments to portrait, corporate, industrial, ad agencies and their clients through the years, and published the world over.
I've done beta & consulting work to Adobe, Apple, Kodak, Nikon, and our Dept of National defence, and was among the first brought on board when Nikon created their new Ambassador program.
I've presented workshop and speaking events around the word, as well as many International salon judgings, and truly enjoy engaging with Photographers of all skill levels, as we all share a passion for seeing the light and losing ourself in the creation of magical imagery with it.