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Top 100 Photographers in the World

We rank the TOP 100 photographers in the world with the sum of the points you earn in the 3 competitions we organize every year.
The points you have earned in previous years are not valid in the TOP 100 ranking.
Photographers with the same scores are listed in alphabetical order.
From 2021 on, top 100 photographers will win Crystals.
You can access the profiles of these photographers who have proven themselves worldwide and
get inspired by their award-winning photographs.

Total number of members: 7561    Last member: Sarthak Patnaik (India)

WPE Top 100 Photographers of 2021 (In progress... Will be finalized with the last contest of the year)
WPE Top 100 Photographers of 2020
WPE Top 100 Photographers of 2019