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Photographer: Eva White

United Kingdom
Eva White
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
122th 5th 84th
Honor Points : 12.5 7 Points
Photographer Eva White

I was always passionate about photography. In 2010 my husband bought me a camera as a gift to start taking pictures of our family which began my soon career as a photographer. Today, I am mom of two daughters and my kids are my biggest inspiration both as a parent and as a photographer. I am a natural light portrait photographer specializing in children, family and maternity photography. I aim to create dreamy and poetic images. The subject always has a deep connotation with nature. Sometimes, I am looking for unnatural tones and textures to blur the line between dreams and reality. When creating a picture, I usually have an idea based on colour. I create a world of hues and colour saturation that reflect my personal subjective reality.

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