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Photographer: Shu-Yu Chang

Shu-Yu Chang
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
13th 2nd 95th
Honor Points : 35 6 Points
Photographer Shu-Yu Chang

Joshua Chang is called in English name and lives in New Taipei City, north coast of Taiwan. He started his photography as amateur photographer in 2018. As an international award winning photographer, he is a member of AsiaWPA and WPPI, and got awards in WPE, AWPA, WPPI, PPAC, IPA since 2018. He developed passion in college stage on landscape photography, and then start portrait photography after graduation. He likes to combine landscape and portrait in the same photo with highly extensive and creative vision, so he focus on pre-wedding photo in the world, creation pre-wedding especially. Influenced by the worldwide masters, the pre-wedding seem more like films and paintings. Keep learning new things to create more new artworks and sharing.

Award winning photos