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Photographer: Yu-Jing(Kris) Chiu

Yu-Jing(Kris) Chiu
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
88th 3rd --
Honor Points : 30 --
Photographer Yu-Jing(Kris) Chiu

My name is Yu-Jing Chiu(Kris Chiu).I'm a photographer who comes from Taiwan, and I enjoy to catch every wonderful moment, because I love my life.However, through the way of the competition to make progress, it is an honor to get WPPI, ASIAWP, px3, TIFA, magiclens and WPE awards . The photography for me is a beautiful stimulation, and is also the best way to keep beautiful things, on the other hand, photography has also allowed me to make many photography friends all over the world. so I'm glad to have the skills of photography and the beauty it bring to me.

Award winning photos