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Photographer: Soemoe Aung

Soemoe Aung
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
28th 1st 202th
Honor Points : 33 1 Point
Photographer Soemoe Aung

Hi! This is Soe Moe Aung.I was born in Myanmar. I have a degree in Engineering. Currently, I stay in Singapore. I am interested in photography and started learning photography since 2017. Landscape ,Street & Travel photography are my favourite. I am a freelance photographer for wedding ,pre wedding and portrait ,etc. Based in Singapore as well. International awards that I got from AsiaWPA, WPE, WPPI, WPI, Cosmos Award, Oneeyeland, Magiclens, LPSS Singapore, PWS, PPAC and also PPAC 1 star photographer.

Award winning photos