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Photographer: Takashi Nakazawa

Takashi Nakazawa
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
172th 6th 47th
Honor Points : 10 10 Points
Photographer Takashi Nakazawa

▼About me
My name is TAKASHI (TAKASHI Nakazawa)
In the early summer of 2011, I met amazing view of Mt Fuji floated on sea of
clouds and the beautiful scenery that a swan shining in the morning sun swim
in front of Mt Fuji which appeared from the fog.
From that moment, taking photos means taking photos of Mt Fuji for me.
A specialized Mt Fuji photographer was born.

▼National Geographic USA
2018 : Adopted as a cover of Traveler magazine June / July

2018 : My special edition was published on National Geographic web page

2016 : Published on National Geographic photobook "Greatest Landscapes"

2014 : Started Your Shot of Nat Geo, many DAILY DOZEN and PHOTO OF THE DAY.
And selected for Editors’ Favorite wvery year in Nat Geo Photo Contests

▼National Geographic Japan
2018 : My special edition was published on Japan National Geographic web page

2018:Published on National Geographic Japan photobook "感動する風景"

▼Photo book / Magazine / Calendar
August 23, 2018 : Adopted as a cover of photo book 「いまいちばん美しい日本の絶景」by MdN.

​December 18, 2018 : Adopted as a cover of "Nippon Camera" magazine January issue and the special article of my photos were featured on the top page.

September 2020 : "The most beautiful Mount Fuji calendar in Japan 2021" by TAKASHI released from MdN.

Award winning photos