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Photographer: Vincenzo Di Liberto

Vincenzo Di Liberto
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
124th 9th 56th
Honor Points : 12 8 Points
Photographer Vincenzo Di Liberto

Vincenzo Di Liberto was born in Palermo (Italy) 08-03-1975 He started very young and before finishing his studies he already worked as an assistant with professional photographers in the ceremony sector, dedicating himself with great passion to the art of photography, he always loves to experiment new things and today thanks to this he manages to capture unique moments.Today the style that best represents me is that of wedding photography, I hate the usual posed photos, I always try to take care of the details the lighting first and the framing all this of course always in a hurry .... because the wedding with us here in Sicily is always a continuous race .. and this is why my job is to make an unforgettable day so important for the couple.

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