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Photographer: Alexandr Suhoveev

Alexandr Suhoveev
Distinguished of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
538th 11th 440th
Honor Points : 6 2 Points
Photographer Alexandr Suhoveev

As far as I remember myself, from the early childhood, I was always engaged in arts: I was writing songs, fairy tales, drawing different games. I was always in some kind of creating. In my youth I have learnt playing guitar and became an author and a singer of my songs in a pop-rock genre. After a while I started working on TV as an assistant of a cameraman. I have worked for 14 years when I started working as a director of photography of artistic programmes. At the same time I was shooting the adverts and weddings. After I tried working with artistic lenses, I understood that you can create incredible things with it.

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