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Photographer: Alireza Bagheri Sani

Alireza Bagheri Sani
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
290th 8th 313th
Honor Points : 11 2 Points
Photographer Alireza Bagheri Sani

‏Alireza Bagheri Sani Was born in 1984, Gorgan,Iran and currently is living in Tehran.
‏He has over 6 years experience of photography , and received his degree from Iranian Youth Cinema Society in 2018 for filmmaking, and got a certificate from Hilla films school in 2001 in Cinema Director major.
‏Later he performed some activities in screen writing, Short films and Documentary films.
‏He has been working in this career since 2018, in minimalism and storytelling style in Conceptual, street photography, landscape … categories as a photographer.
‏His notable contributions in the filed of photography has earned his several awards from international competitions.
‏His special technique in his work is 1+1=3.
‏In his opinion, First number 1 is Subject, Second number 1 is Photography Supplies and techniques ,then Finally in the collected numbers ,3 is her perspective and his point.(his method)
‏He does it in 3 levels: pre- production, Production and post-production.

‏His photos often have inspired many who are interested in Conceptual and Fine Art photography.
‏Some of the most important of his achievements are :
1st place , ND Awards 2022,Fine Art Category ,London
‏ 1st place, ColorPro awards 2022,Breakout them, London
2nd place IPA 2021,Fine Art Photography ,US
2nd place,500PX Global Photography awards 2021, Creative Eye

Award winning photos