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Photographer: Ali Zolghadri

Ali Zolghadri
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
113th 3rd 39th
Honor Points : 24.5 12.5 Points
Photographer Ali Zolghadri

Ali Zolghadri lives in Tehran, Iran. He continued his studies in computer science. He has been photographing for 7 years and
He has been doing professional photography in the style of minimalism and fine arts for 5 years. He lives in Tehran, Iran.

In these 5 years, professional photography has won more than 40 international photography competitions. He has won 24 international photography medals from several countries. His pictures have been published in 8 prestigious photography magazines.
For Iranian minimalist and fine art style photographer Ali Zolghadri , simplicity is the key element of his work . He finds most of his subjects in Tehran and always tries to include concept and content in the images he creates . Thereby , expressing the beauty of human moments and revealing clean , minimalistic line images in order to show Tehran's multiple facets , is one of Zolghadri's main objectives . Every of Zolghadri's photographs tells a story about the city of Tehran . Zolghadri's intense interest in simplicity as well as in the combination of the human mind with content and subjects is what led him to his photography style . In addition , his minimalist style stems from the desire for calmness and the avoidance of visual turmoil . How Zolghadri views his environment is a result of his thoughts which circle around the street subjects in his surroundings . One of the most central elements in this regard are shadows which also serve him as source of inspiration .

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