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Photographer: Andrei Efimov

Russian Federation
Andrei Efimov
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
693th 38th 713th
Honor Points : 4.5 --
Photographer Andrei Efimov

Andrei Artis (Efimov)
A photographer from Russia.
International Award-Winning Architecture Photographer.
Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia.
Member of the Association of Photographers Eurasia.

Andrey Artis offers a look at architecture through a monochrome filter. This approach allows us to eliminate color accents and focus primarily on the silhouette, shape and plasticity of building facades. Black and white "architectural portraits" show that light and shadow are the means by which the master reveals the richness and diversity of architecture as a form of reality and art.

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