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Photographer: David Wong

David Wong
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
68th 2nd --
Honor Points : 33.5 --
Photographer David Wong

Born in Jilin, China, DAVIDWONG has been engaged in the photography industry for 14 years, as well as ASIWPA's highest international honorary master, and has been ranked among the top 20 Asian photographers for five consecutive times and the world's top 100 photographers. Also served as a judge for ASIWPA and MPA international competitions. He obtained MPA British Master Photographers Association AMPA.UK Diploma. DAVIDWONG is also a S.O.M contracted lecturer. He is good at creating iconic minimalist style works and focuses on using light and shadow and black and white tones. Serenity and timelessness are the eternal theme of his works. In the highly stylized photographic art, the worldview and inner world are reshaped. After years of great efforts, his photographic works have won numerous awards in international competitions and has won the annual championship and first place in world-class photography competitions many times. So far, he has won more than 269 international awards in all international competitions.

Award winning photos