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Photographer: Ddiarte Ddiarte

Ddiarte Ddiarte
Master of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
20th 2nd 575th
Honor Points : 49 1 Point
Photographer Ddiarte Ddiarte

In 2003, after several experiences in the field or digital photography, we discovered the ideal means to express our creativity – Digital Photography artistically touched up.
Within the context historiography of art, the use of photography, and more specifically, touching up photographs, is nothing new. We do however aim to innovate somewhat, in terms of the themes on which our work is based. Regardless of the fact that our main source of inspiration is mythology, up-to-date themes or others that are the simple fruit of our creativity, still remain full of details, of symbols, of images, an attempt to captivate, but mainly, as an attempt to stimulate critical thought in viewers.

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