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Photographer: Eldon Lau

Hong Kong
Eldon Lau
Distinguished of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
603th 17th 705th
Honor Points : 5 1 Point
Photographer Eldon Lau

Founder and Chief Photographer of ME studio
Studied in Visual Art and Image Concept
Engaged in Wedding, Fashion and Commercial Photography With over 10 years experience in photographing Portraits Winner of more than 200 International Awards of Global Photography Competition hosted by Famous Photographic Society like WPPI, PWS, WEP, WPE, MPA, One Eyeland, etc. since 2014

WEP Master Photographer & Contest Judge
MPA『Master Photographers Association』 (AMPA)
World's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
Hong Kong's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
Master of WPPI
CHINA PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION - Senior photography instructor

Undertake teaching of photography in different educational institutions and have been interviewed by magazines, newspapers and radio program for several times

Award winning photos