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Photographer: Victor Martinez Campos

Victor Martinez Campos
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
625th 11th --
Honor Points : 4 --
Photographer Victor Martinez Campos

Pichero is the artistic name of this Galician Master photographer from FEPFI, his work in the field of children, portraiture, sports and photojournalism is his mark of quality. He is one of the most nominated and awarded photographers in the competitions of the Spanish photography associations. This year he makes the leap to international competitions to see his position in the prestigious international competitions. The images of him capture unique moments of Galician life, the way of seeing the images of him marks a unique stamp. Within the facets of it, there are the personal and VIPS portraits of the Spanish scene. Within the sports world he has been covering the national and world championships of risky sports, such as surfing, car racing, motorcycling, and also major sports such as soccer, basketball, indoor soccer and cycling. Official photographer of the National triathlon, duathlon. For 20 years he was also the official photographer of the Pantin classsic, world surfing championship.

Award winning photos