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Photographer: Gary Mcgillivray-Birnie

Expert of WPE
Photographer Gary Mcgillivray-Birnie
Honor Points : 15



International photographer, Gary McGillivray-Birnie, specialises in the genres of beauty, fashion and commercial photography. Based in Stavanger, Norway.

A visual artist who uses dramatic lighting, to define a portraiture style recognised and known for intrigue, mysterious & edgy but authentic feel. To transform light to create powerful emotional images.
Gary’s work, an endless series of projects, inspired by black and white photography enables him to see light differently through the lens, creating an unforgettable stand-out photographer. Focused on the aesthetics of visual storytelling.

Recent locations include the UK, Norway, New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Kazakhstan, Dubai, and Australia.

​Check out his portfolio www.mcgillivraybirniephotography.com

Award winning photos