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Photographer: Grigoriadi White Studio

Grigoriadi White Studio
Master of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
24th 3rd 297th
Honor Points : 41 3 Points
Photographer Grigoriadi White Studio

Konstantinos and Maria Grigoriadi are father and daughter photographers based in Greece and travelling all over the world. Specialized in wedding, baptism and portrait photography.
We received over 200 ΑWARDS worldwide
Some of the awards they won are :
* Best photographer of the year 2019 PWS THAILAND
* Best photographer of the year 2019 στο WPI (Wedding Photographers in Italy).
* MASTER of WPE(Wedding Photographers Europe /Paris/France).
* Member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Internationals/ Las Vegas) .
* Craftsman of PWS (Photo Wedding Stories/ Greece) .
* PWST (Photo Wedding Stories/Thailand).
* Elite Members (Cosmos Awards)
* Associate of WPI (wedding photographers Italy )
* 1 second place PWE
* 5 first places PWS
* 3 second places PWS
* 3 third place PWS
* 2 frist place WPI
* 7 second place WPI
* 2 third place WPI
* 4 first place Cosmos Awards
* 4 second place Cosmos Awards
* 9 third place Cosmos Awards
* judge PWS
* judge EPA
* judge WPE (Wedding Photographers Europe /Paris/France).

Award winning photos