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Photographer: Irina Dzhul

Irina Dzhul
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
1250th 23th --
Honor Points : 2 --
Photographer Irina Dzhul

Irina Dzhul – remarkably talented photo artist and traveler.
Master degree in architecture-design-art.
Photography is a hobby that has helped Irina express her feelings for 10 years.

Irina creates photos in Fine art and in Fairy-tale styles. She carefully designs all stages of the creation of her photos from idea to implementation. She invents images, often makes outfits and decor by herself. All her works are shot in different parts of the world.
All of Irina’s works are about the soul ... because in her opinion, every object, creature and person has its own story: birth, growth, adventure and death.
The soul is the main character of her work, and each time it takes a new form.

Award winning photos