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Photographer: Jeffrey Hoorns

Jeffrey Hoorns
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
147th 3rd 32th
Honor Points : 20 13 Points
Photographer Jeffrey Hoorns

I'm Jeff. A macro/ wildlife photographer from The Netherlands who started about 7 years ago.

At first I was sold to architecture and loved shooting straight lines and (a-)symmetrical shapes. Later on I found out that macrophotography was something out of the ordinary. It felt like I was discovering a whole new world. So many little creatures and objects I had never heard of or let alone seen in my life. This sparked a big interest in the 'tiny' world.

More recently I started to 'stack' more and more macro images, because of the crazy amount of details I want to put into my work. To overcome some technical limitations of getting close and needing more light I usually work with a speedlite and an additional macroscopic conversion lens. When shooting this close and still have depth you're bound to stack a -lot- of images. It's not rare for me to put together a stack of 50 images to create one complete sharp image from front to back.

During winter time the macrophotography always stalls a bit. In that period I found out that photographing birds and other wildlife is a great way of overcoming these 'quiet' times. And so a new interest started growing and I love to go on hikes in local forests and national parks with the 150-600 Sigma telelens.

- Nikon Z6ii
- Sigma 50mm ART
- Sigma 105mm Macro HSM
- Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary
- Raynox DCR-250 conversion lens
- Godox V1 Speedlite
- Cygnustech diffuser

Award winning photos