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Photographer: Laura Bertilotti

Laura Bertilotti
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
258th 18th 99th
Honor Points : 12 7 Points
Photographer Laura Bertilotti

Laura Bertilotti, ower Paloma Photography, is a photographer for contemporary women, specializing in high-end Maternity Portraiture. She studied with international top-notch industry photographers, which developed her skills to join international competitions.
Laura loves the emotional strength of B&W photography, the female body's elegance and the emancipation that pregnancy gives. Her primary aim is to provide an unforgettable journey to all those women who have been trusting in her photography work, creating an experience that makes them strong and truly aware of their unique beauty, turning the intangible into tangible images of their own souls.

Explore more about her stunning images on IG @paloma.photography.pisa

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