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Photographer: Mariusz Majewski

Mariusz Majewski
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
73th 2nd 48th
Honor Points : 15 5 Points
Photographer Mariusz Majewski

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, instructor, loving husband, and a wonderful father. I am a guy who enjoys life and loves the beauty of this world.

Mariusz Majewski is an award-winning photographer with over 10 years of experience in the field of wedding and portrait photography. He created a unique style in which he cares about every detail. He combines posed photography with classic reportage and adds an artistic touch to it. He has developed a reliable action plan that allows him to tell amazing stories as well as create beautiful and timeless photographs.

He says that thanks to photography he became a husband to a beautiful wife and father to two wonderful sons. They live and work together in Poland, Wroclaw – the meeting place, and hundreds of bridges. They both love this city – it is their home, but to find the photographic challenges they travel all over the world and realize the photographic dreams of their customers.

Born in 1985, Mariusz has always wanted to create - write a novel, tell stories, express himself in some way. He started his true fascination with the world of an image with graphics, drawing, and painting - these areas were to become his profession, but photography turned out to be his path to happiness and professional fulfillment. The willingness to develop, workshops, and lessons from the biggest names in this industry allowed him to create his own, unique way of seeing the world.

Award winning photos