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Photographer: Massimo Giorgetta

Massimo Giorgetta
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
81th 5th 48th
Honor Points : 29.5 7.5 Points
Photographer Massimo Giorgetta

My name is Massimo, Max to abbreviate, I was born in Latina in 1961. I started photographing at the age of 11, I am the son of art, so I acquired skills and professionalism over the years of my youth.
In 1981 I graduated from high school, and I started working as a professional photographer, sharing with my parent the activity, which I currently carry out, years in which I made my skills available, mainly for ceremony photos, industrial photos, fashion, etc.
In 2001 I obtained the Master's degree in Nudeart & Glamor.
Since 1984 I have been part of the NPS Nikon Professional Service as well as being a "Professional associated with the National Association of Professional Photographers TAU Visual".

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