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Photographer: Musa Akay

Musa Akay
Distinguished of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
441th 5th 301th
Honor Points : 7 2 Points
Photographer Musa Akay

My photo life started at the age of 5 with an old machine that is ADOXAR Dr. C. Schleussner Frankfurt. After that day I have taken street photos for years
Although My education skills were computer programming and system engineering
I always wanted to be a photographer to feel freedom inside.Thanks to my friend named Martin I met in Germany who introduced me photography art.When I came back to my country, I looked into from various street photos magazines and pages.
Then I started to take photographs of bride and groom, I have continued to focus that actively for 4 years.
I'm Musa AKAY and I always think each couple's posture, smile, look and energy are different.

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