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Photographer: Osher Eden Pashinsky

Osher Eden Pashinsky
Master of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
38th 1st 13th
Honor Points : 41 18 Points
Photographer Osher Eden Pashinsky

I am a professional photographer and the main field of my photography is in the FINE ART style. I find myself very attracted to this style, the clothes, the old accessories, the texture of the clothes and the scents of the past attract me and I really like to photograph this style. When I take a picture I am drawn so deeply into the work that I forget everything. My mind is all about capturing the moment.
I am happy and grateful for the privilege to engage and make a living from my favorite thing, photography.
Today I enjoy passing on my knowledge and teaching photographers at the beginning of their journey and being their mentor, which is a great privilege

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