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Photographer: Pino Coduti

Pino Coduti
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
282th 19th 1190th
Honor Points : 11.5 --
Photographer Pino Coduti

Pino Coduti is an awards-winning professional photographer specializing in wedding and portrait.
Son of art, his father Carmine has been involved in social photography since the 60s.
Named "QEP Master" by the European Federation (this coveted award is currently assigned to a very few photographers across Europe) and was awarded the with International FIAP Gold Medal.
“ I’m madly in love with the beauty, in all its forms and representation, in small and big things.I love nature and landscapes, the clouds so unique and unpredictable in the sky.I find inspiration in the Light, in Cinematography, in architecture and in the '600 Painting.I am an author and a dreamer, do not ask me to change my way of photographing, I would not succeed”!

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