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Photographer: Radoslav Cernicky

Radoslav Cernicky
Master of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
10th 1st 83th
Honor Points : 60 8 Points
Photographer Radoslav Cernicky

I am from Kremnica (Slovakia) and when I was a child I loved nature walks and I still love. I am a nature-bonded and I wanted to show other people the beauty that I see. I started to make a picture during the walks and in the 2012 I started to interest in taking landscape pictures more and more so I decided to buy my first camera. I try to take a landscape picture in the golden hour (also sometimes called magic hour) because of the beautiful, diffused light that is created by the sun being low in the sky to get really stunning landscape photo. You can see this scenery only in special time period and it takes only a few minutes and it is every time unrepeatable and I want to share this beauty during my pictures.
I try to share with my picture not only places which I visited but I try to share feelings and emotions from theater made by nature. Thanks of making picture I learned to see landscape with other point of view. I eye the light, the shadows and how they add depth and interest to scenery.

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