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Photographer: Rinat Shahmetov

Russian Federation
Rinat Shahmetov
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
2456th 198th 2074th
Honor Points : 1 --
Photographer Rinat Shahmetov

Rinat Shahmetov is currently in New York, United States. He was born in 1989 in Moscow, Russia (former USSR), into a family of Muslim religion and Tatar nationality. From 1995 to 2006 he studied and graduated from the Moscow Lyadov Music School No. 15, piano class. Musical literature at Rinatu's school was taught by Glier Yuri Leonidovich, the grandson of the composer Reingold Moritsevich Glier (1875—1956). From 2003 to 2015, he played tennis at the stadiums CSKA and October.

FAVORITES Achievements
• 2020 RPA First place in the “Love story” nomination of the international competition Russian Photo Awards.
• June 2020 Exhibition international competition RPA
• December 2020 Apple music - Cover song Rinat Zakerov

• Jule 2021 Apple music - Cover song Rinat Zakerov

• 2022 WPE awards Third place in the “Create widding” nomination of the international competition WPE Awards.
• May 2022 Cover Artells magazine Portrait, Vol. 150
• May 2022 Back Cover Dominante magazine, La Muses Edition, Vol. 166
• June 2022 Cover Malvie magazine The Artist Edition, Vol. 447
• December 2022 Exhibition Boomer gallery

• February 2023 Exhibition BBA ONE SHOT AWARD
• August 2023 Cover PUMP magazine The Artist Edition, 4
• September 2023 Cover Moevir magazine The Artist Edition, Vol.06
• September 2023 Exhibition ART ON LOOP (23, Via Lanzone, 20123, Milano MI, Italy)
• September 2023 IPA USA categories professional: People / Children link to news — winners IPA 2023
• December 2023

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