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Photographer: Sara Goli

Sara Goli
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
217th 5th 78th
Honor Points : 14.5 8.5 Points
Photographer Sara Goli

To create works of art and photos, you need to get acquainted with the criteria and basics of aesthetics in art, especially in photography. Knowing these criteria is necessary to achieve a unique style in photography and to distinguish the works from other photographers. Therefore, it is not easy to be included in the large photography community. Sara Goli is one of the artistic photographers and the owner of a style that was able to achieve significant success in a short period of time. The unique view of this Iranian photographer in the field of architecture and street photography, by leaving the limits of traditional art, attracted the attention of judges and photography associations, and this caused this photographer to become an international photographer and owner of style among the greatest photographer.Sara Goli is known as an international photographer in the world with 5 years of experience in editorial,digital ,architecture and street photography based on her technique, creativity and talent in understanding color and aesthetics. She has been recognized by the FIAP International Federation of Photography with numerous awards and honors that she has registered in her name. She has been able to win medals and positions from GPU, IAAP, PSA, and FIAP and other international organizations in various photography competitions in countries such as Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria,Italia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, and England.

Award winning photos