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Photographer: Sam Barton

United Kingdom
Sam Barton
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
337th 14th 22th
Honor Points : 10 5.5 Points
Photographer Sam Barton

I grew up surrounded by photography, my mum was a model and my father was Terence Donovan’s producer. Our house was filled with photography books and prints, it was all I knew. I left school to pursue a career in the same profession, starting in the darkroom and then working as an assistant to a number of Terry’s assistants before going solo. For seven years I worked in London and around the world with a focus on advertising and then fashion and editorial. I have had the great fortune to meet some amazing people, those with fame in front of and behind the camera. I learnt my craft from some of the best people in the industry, including Mario Testino and have used those skills ever since.

I live at home in Wiltshire, UK with my wife Cleia and our two kids Phoebe and Luke. We have converted an outbuilding into a studio and I continue to enjoy taking photographs of people, portraits and fashion being my favoured styles. I enjoy traveling and have been lucky enough to visit some extraordinary places along with some very creative people and models who complete my need to keep that creative muscle exercised.

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