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Photographer: Sangeeta Mahajan

Sangeeta Mahajan
Expert of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking This Year's Points
183th 10th --
Honor Points : 11.5 --
Photographer Sangeeta Mahajan

I am an art photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.
Through my photographs, I like to explore what lies beneath the human skin- the
subtle, unspoken twists and angst of the heart and thought. I love to create story-
telling art that somehow reflects subtle nuances of people's reality, their relationships
and their inner self. And I love story telling through artistic photography. I like to
frame people in situ and capture the micro expressions, the transient emotion, the
psychology of relationships that can barely be seen on the surface. For me, my work a
way of expressing the internal beauty and distortions of the human form in a subtle
manner, using light, shadow, mood, emotion and artistry.

While my post graduate qualifications in Literature and Management significantly
influence my art, I am completely self-taught in terms of photography.
My work has been published in numerous international magazines and some of my
works have won multiple accolades in Australian and international fine art

Winner- Clayton Utz Art Award 2021
Highly Commended Award - Lethbridge 20000- 2021
Finalist- Salon De Refuses- Brisbane Portrait Prize 2021
Winner (3rd)- Staged Photographs- 35 Awards 2021 Finalist- Siena International Photo Awards 2021
Top 100 photographers - Conceptual Photography- 35 Awards 2021
Finalist- Siena Creative Art Awards 2020
Nokia Creative Top 30 Australian Photographer of the Year-2020
Winner Art Photography- 35 Awards, 2020
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