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Photographer: Sven Adrian

Sven Adrian
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
1502th 43th --
Honor Points : 1 --
Photographer Sven Adrian

Hi, I'm Sven Adrian
and I'm excited to tell you my story, but the truth is that I started as a passionate traveler who was lucky enough to pick up a camera and started to shoot everything. It's been a wild ride and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been given along the way.
It all started during my university studies as a chemist in 2011, vacations have become rare making me quite restricted. I was lucky enough meeting the right kind of people who share my passion. As friends and family spread the word of my hobby I suddenly had lots of requests for small shootings. This is where I decided start a small business as a photographer.

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