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Photographer: Swati Chakraborty

Swati Chakraborty
Distinguished of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
347th 57th --
Honor Points : 9.5 --
Photographer Swati Chakraborty

I met my grandfather through a photograph. He sits there in a sturdy piece of black-and-white paper, holding a two year old me - my only proof of ever having received any grandfatherly love. As I veered from photographing for pleasure to choosing it as a profession, this black and white photo stuck with me - reminding me how photographs can turn moments into memories. This is perhaps why I am drawn to portraits. All the people and their stories that I get to know during my photographic sessions inform my social vision and fire my creative imagination. Though the awards have been a huge source of encouragement, my stories remain my source of inspiration.

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