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Photographer: Tharindu Weerasekara

Sri Lanka
Tharindu Weerasekara
Member of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
1443th 4th --
Honor Points : 2 --
Photographer Tharindu Weerasekara

My name is Tharindu Weerasekara.
I am a photographer, content creator
I picked up a camera around 9 years ago and regularly photographed my main subject, and inspired by feminine beauty. I try to capture the Objects in front of my camera in a more creative, romantic manner. I don't strive for realism, but rather a visually pleasing and feminine version of the finished product. While the subject is always the focus of my images, I truly put a lot of thought into the environment and details of the photo. I like to have full creative control over the photoshoot

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