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Photographer: Veronika Šandorová

Veronika Šandorová
Professional of WPE
World Ranking Country Ranking Last Year's Points
57th 3rd 31th
Honor Points : 37 13.5 Points
Photographer Veronika Šandorová

Hi everyone, my name is Veronika, and I am from a little country called Slovakia (middle Europe). I live and breathe for dogs, adventure and photography.

My passion for dog photography started when I became a happy owner of my first dog, Nabu. I quickly realized that I need lots of dogs around me and also I need to cuddle with every dog I meet. Three years ago, I became a professional dog photographer; it started right after a new family member came to our lives. Her name is Jada, and she was born to be a professional dog model. Thanks to my two girls (both are border collie), my passion more and more grew and I realized I want to make other people happy as I am when I am looking at pictures of my two girls.

We are a very adventurous family. We adore to hike, climb mountains, search for marvellous lakes or swim in the seas. Together we have already visited 14 European countries, plan to visit more :).

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